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​Cihat Şen, ​Nicola Volpe

Daniel Rolnik, Mar Gil, Murat Yayla, Oluş Api

Statistics Editor
Resul Arısoy

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The prenatal diagnosis and outcome of fetal intra-abdominal cysts. Perinatal Journal 2014;22(3):SE11 DOI: 10.2399/prn.14.S001084

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Pınar Kumru,
Resul Arısoy,
Emre Erdoğdu,
Oya Demirci,
Elif Tozkır,
Sevcan Arzu Arınkan,
Mesut Polat,
Semih Tuğrul

  1. Zeynep Kamil Kadın Doğum ve Çocuk Hastalıkları Hastanesi, Perinatoloji Kliniği- İstanbul TR

Pınar Kumru, Zeynep Kamil Kadın Doğum ve Çocuk Hastalıkları Hastanesi, Perinatoloji Kliniği- İstanbul TR,

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The aim of this study is to evaluate the ultrasound findings and perinatal outcome after prenatal diagnosis of fetal abdominal cysts.
Fetuses diagnosed with abdominal cysts between 2008 and 2013 were retrospectively analysed. Cysts arising from renal system and bowel dilatation were excluded. We described maternal, fetal and perinatal variables for all cases
Eighteen fetuses that are 3 males (16,7%), 15 females (83,3%) with fetal abdominal cyst were diagnosed. The mean gestational age at diagnosis of a fetal abdominal cyst was 26,78±6,75 weeks. The mean diameter of fetal abdominal cyst was 39,81±20,47 mm at diagnosis. There were 15 liveborn cases and two intrauterine deaths. One case was terminated due to multiple anomalies. Fetal abdominal cyst was resolved in four cases during antenatal period. Surgery was required in six cases (40%). Overall spontaneous mortality was 3/17 (17,7%), of which two cases were intrauterine and one case was postoperative.
Ultrasound is not sufficient to detect the origin of fetal abdominal cysts. But the apperance and location of the cyst, fetal gender, presence of peristaltism in the cyst, presence of thick muscular wall and additional fetal anomalies are important of the diagnosis and pre-postnatal management of the cyst.

Fetal abdominal cyst, ultrasound

Figure 1
The appearance of uniloculated simple cyst without septa and solid component
Figure 2
The appearance of biloculated cyst with septa and adjacent two cysts
Figure 3
The appearance of multiloculated-complex cyst with multiple septas